a drop of rain falls from the sky
and lands on my cheek
just below the eye
taking its rightful place
among the rain
spilled from my soul...
how the sky seems to know
what I feel, what I think
and it cries because it knows
I let the tears
fall down on me
soft and warm and familiar
I soak them in
I know they are mine
and they mix with my thoughts, my heart
to form a pool in my soul
soft and warm, I sit and gaze
into the depths...
where I am whole



on a bare branch
in the dark of winter
clings a lonely,
bright colored leaf...

that vibrant yellow
or orange, or red
familiar in the autumn...

the leaf shudders
as the winds shake it,
pummel it...

it grasps onto life
with every bit
of the little strength left

it grasps onto life

somehow it knows
it is not time yet...

so it clings,
though everything
around has died,
bare and grey...

a man walks by
notices the leaf

he stops, stares...
a tear comes to his eye

he kneels and prays
and thanks God for his love

the leaf, having seen this
releases itself
from the branch,
gracefully falls to the ground



what is this clear drop
that falls from my eye
like glass
to shatter on the ground
what is this clear drop
laying broken on the ground
feelings, or hope, or joy?
this clear, beautiful drop
is the blood of my heart
which is shed from a gentle wound
this blood on the ground
clear as crystal
warm, like my heart
tells the world that I care
that I'm moved...



i am bound to be afraid
and yes, my heart will break
the rain which falls upon my face
feels familiar, gentle, safe...
i am bound to be afraid
my heart has broken in two
there will always be a scar
as with any injury
i am bound to be afraid
i am human, soft, weak
but in my weakness made strong
by faith in the One i love
i am bound to be afraid
and courageous
and weak
and strong
to live
and die
and fight
for i am human
and soft
and weak
but in my weakness made strong
by faith in the One i love
i am bound to be afraid...



have you ever been so alone
no one in the world could hear your voice
have you ever been so alone
no one in the world could feel your touch
have you ever wanted to reach out to show love
and had the world slip just beyond your fingertips
can you ever overcome the feeling
that no matter how many friends you have
no matter how many loves, or how many hates
that you will always be utterly and eternally alone
that somehow life will leave you with only yourself
and then take that away, just when you begin to be ok with it
the supreme end of all life?

to be ALONE inside yourself



porcelain tears stream from
the wound in my eye
fragile drops, glass, of hope
fall and shatter upon
hard, solid ground
but a strange thing begins
those broken drops of hope
turn that hard, solid ground
to a soft bed of mud
of grace, of peace
of all soft, gentle things
the power of tears to break
the power of pride


what is a tear?
a tear is hope
for something better
a tear is joy
that your heart
is still alive
a tear is proof
that you come from a God
who sheds a tear for the world
but moves beyond that tear
to change it.
a tear is the
life-blood of the soul



take the silver line from the sky
wear it around your wrist
to sparkle your hope for the world
take the sun from its cradle
put it on a chain
and wear your passion for everyone to see
take a rain drop as it falls
place it on your cheek
to show that your heart is still alive
and beats with passion
and hope
and love