a drop of rain falls from the sky
and lands on my cheek
just below the eye
taking its rightful place
among the rain
spilled from my soul...
how the sky seems to know
what I feel, what I think
and it cries because it knows
I let the tears
fall down on me
soft and warm and familiar
I soak them in
I know they are mine
and they mix with my thoughts, my heart
to form a pool in my soul
soft and warm, I sit and gaze
into the depths...
where I am whole



on a bare branch
in the dark of winter
clings a lonely,
bright colored leaf...

that vibrant yellow
or orange, or red
familiar in the autumn...

the leaf shudders
as the winds shake it,
pummel it...

it grasps onto life
with every bit
of the little strength left

it grasps onto life

somehow it knows
it is not time yet...

so it clings,
though everything
around has died,
bare and grey...

a man walks by
notices the leaf

he stops, stares...
a tear comes to his eye

he kneels and prays
and thanks God for his love

the leaf, having seen this
releases itself
from the branch,
gracefully falls to the ground



what is this clear drop
that falls from my eye
like glass
to shatter on the ground
what is this clear drop
laying broken on the ground
feelings, or hope, or joy?
this clear, beautiful drop
is the blood of my heart
which is shed from a gentle wound
this blood on the ground
clear as crystal
warm, like my heart
tells the world that I care
that I'm moved...