if you never talk to the other people in the doctor's office, you miss a chance to change the world...


thoughts about relationships

why is it that people feel they have to be perfect before entering a relationship with someone? I mean, so many people (including myself) have said that they will ask someone out as soon as they fix such and such problem in their life or get such and such thing sorted out. look. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR LIFE SORTED OUT. Humans are a mess. They might be a beautiful mess, but they are a mess. So next time you feel like you've met the person of your dreams, and you think "as soon as I can take care of my budget, I'll ask them out", immediately tell yourself you are a moron and go ask them out, and be honest with them about what troubles you have in life (as the depth of the relationship allows), and learn together to be better humans, without expecting each other to be perfect. Ok, that's all for today :)


stillness... nothing moves
my heart... a single beat
silence... an eternity
another beat... never comes