who is God?

Also, my wife Trina and I were talking last night about how our view of God is changing. In the protestant church, we tend to look at religion by formulas of theology and we want to understand everything very logically and systematically, so that nothing is a mystery. But that is not who God is. God is beyond our understanding, He is mysterious and dangerous and frightening - He is good and loving and trustworthy, but He is not safe. And if you expect Him to be safe, you will have a shock as soon as He starts changing your life :) So we are beginning to get to know a bigger, more exciting, more magical, mysterious, powerful, life-changing, beautiful picture of God. And I believe a more true picture of God. It is the God I see when I read the Bible. And it is the God I desire to love and to serve. It is the God I desire to KNOW and not just KNOW ABOUT.

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