I will never stand for anyone who promotes a political agenda by putting Christ's name on it. I will never stand for anyone who thinks they will change the world by forcing everyone to behave in a certain way, because I believe a person's behavior comes from their heart and not the other way around. I will never stand for someone who sees the american government, or any government, as a way to instill morality in a culture. If we rely on our government to tell us what morality is, we are all lost.

Essentially politics is a great way to divert your focus from where it should be - loving people. I don't care if I have the right to free speech or the right to religious freedom, to be honest... God never said to fight for those rights. Not that they are a bad thing. But I can love someone no matter what rights of free speech and religious freedom exist in my country. I can love someone whether homosexuals are allowed to be married or not. I can love someone even if Christianity politically is shunned and even prosecuted. So why are we trying so hard to protect our morality in the political system? We are just wasting our time on a battle that doesn't need to be fought and turning our energy and our focus away from everything we should be doing, which is to show people that Christ loves them no matter what they believe about anything. Because everyone is broken in one way or another, and nobody is going to change anything unless their brokenness is fixed. And there's only one way for that to happen and it's not for the US Government to institutionalize Christian morality into the law system.

Love people. That's all. Please. And actually think about what that means. Look at Christ. How did He love people? First, He rebuked the religious people who were hounding them about their morality and said things like "if you are perfect, go ahead, throw stones." Then He turned to the person and said "you are forgiven". THEN He said (after he had won their HEART), "now don't do that anymore, it's harmful to you." Why do we feel the need to fix the behavior all the time? Maybe because it's easier and it hurts less than actually getting into someone's real problems. Please, just love people.


  1. Dave, you are a most incredible son! I ove your provocative thinking, you challenge my status quoe thoughts and I'm grateful God can still cahnge this old heart and mind of mine. Thanks my Son! Paj

  2. I would like to express my:
    Affirmation. Solidarity. Affinity. Hearty agreement. Seconding of the emotion. Concurrence.