Everyone is born broken at birth. We are born that way. We have tendencies to lie, to get angry, to seek solace in numbness, to seek worth in sexual relationships, to be selfish, prideful, all of which are considered sins. And different people have different tendencies, towards different sins. For instance, I may not be as prone to anger as my neighbor, and he may not be as prone to lie as I am. Whatever. Anyway, each of those things can certainly be influenced by someone's upbringings, and the tendency may be curbed or encouraged based on that influence, but the tendencies to sin always surface somehow, and we have to deal with them as such, tendencies to sin. That means a condition of the heart. Ours are broken and don't always desire what they should and the remedy for that is…? Christ.

So, we seem to place homosexuality in this entirely different category as if it somehow makes you something other than a broken human. Why is it that we can look at someone who is addicted to pornography or who is having an affair or who is a serial murderer, and feel real compassion for them because we see how they are broken and we want them to get better, but when we see a homosexual we just want to ignore them and make them ignore themselves and we tell them they're just wilfully disgracing God (as if we don't do that every day) and we seem to want to make ourselves feel dirty for having been around them or something? Why are we afraid of them? Why do we kick them out of churches or shun them at church so that they have to start their own churches just to feel like normal humans at church? Why do we fight political wars against them? Why do we see them as anything different from ourselves? They only struggle with different issues. That's all.

(by the way, I use "they" only as a convenient way to refer to a group of the population, not to imply a divide or barrier between said group and the rest of the people on earth)

As Angelina Jolie's character in the movie "Playing by Heart" says, "We're all damaged goods". Why can't we see that and instead of ridiculing and persecuting each other (and ourselves) for being broken in different ways, pick each other up, tell each other "I love you" and offer to pull each other along the path to Christ as much as we can? If you think someone needs a change (including yourself), help them to build something great within themselves, namely a love for Christ. You will never help them by tearing them down.

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