popcorn and clouds...

first of all, it just occurred to me that popcorn is really weird. I mean, isn't it just bizarre that corn does that when you get it really hot? Seems pretty weird to me.

Secondly, there are few things that inspire me as much as clouds. I was just sitting in my office here and I looked out the window and there are some beautiful pink-ish orange-ish clouds floating around making my life much better. I think that must be their desire, to make my life better. Or maybe they are just showing off for me, who knows. I would love to hug a cloud someday... and just say thank you. But until that fateful day, I'll just be gazing a lot.

As a side note.. I like life :)

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  1. aww..you're cute!..i like you..and you've read the lil prince!...

    pleace check out my blog and post a comment so that i'll remember to read your other posts... (^_^)

    hehe,and i don't think corns are not wierd when they get too hot..coz i've met people who gets really angry and they PUFF...literally..

    i think thats wierd..AND SCARY..specially when we're talking about two year old babies...

    am i making sense here?..hehe..i just want to make friends (^_^)

    please do leave a comment in my site..i want to read your next posts...