how I see God around me

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*new* I see God in the people I know who are open and honest about their lives. I can see the ways they are changing, growing, being challenged and I can see God's working in their lives. Said people encourage my soul and make me feel as though I have been physically touched by God.

my tree outside my office window is so tender, delicate, in the leaves, but yet strong, and full of life, in the branches and trunk. God is so tender with us, He loves us so dearly, and his hands are gentle with us, but He is not weak or frail, He is strong and full of life.

an oak tree is old and wise. in its twisted branches, it shows the deep experience of life and understanding of what is important. An oak tree has wisdom gained from experience, and an understanding of how everything around it works. God has an unsearchable well of wisdom, a deep understanding of life, and a deep understanding of human life, from experience. The oak tree reminds me that Christ understands me and everything I feel.

The wind in the summertime refreshes my soul, it makes all the hot
sweat on my body turn into cool water, and all of the hot tiredness in
my body turn to sweetness. God blows cool wind on my soul when it is
hot and tired and turns the tiredness of my heart into cool water
which refreshes my soul. When my soul is tired from long work or hard
struggle, He gives me a cool wind to calm my soul and bring me

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