my cello is like God...

I've been thinking lately how I'm excited to really get to know my cello... What I mean is this - I know how to play some selection of pieces on my cello and I know something about it, but I don't really just KNOW my cello... for instance, if I heard a tune playing in my head, it would take me a bit of time to figure out how to play it on the cello, and I might actually lose it before I figured it out. I want to know the ins and outs of the cello so that I could play as if it were second nature to me - without thinking. Just be able to hear something in my head and have it come out my fingers like there is no break inbetween.

This morning I read a blog by a friend of ours about how she wants to get to know God in a different way... and I thought, "this relates to my desire to know my cello." Here's what I'm thinking... We tend to get to know God based on some formulas somebody has written to coerce something from God. "I need comfort today - that calls for the third movement of Bach's Cello Suite Number 1." We spend time not getting to know God, but getting to know these formulas that we sort of interact with as if they were God. It's kind of like the concept of API (application programmer interface) in the computer programming world. An API is a set of standardized ways to interact with a program without having to know the internals of how that program works. You just have to know what the API is expecting to receive, and what it will give back when you send a certain thing to it. I think we tend to look at God that way. We look at the APIs or Pieces or whatever analogy you want to use, and we don't realize that they are just a static, inanimate thing which we are trying to relate to. We don't even think about actually getting to know God, who is sitting somewhere behind all of our formulas waiting for us to figure it out and stop trying to know an assortment of musical pieces, but to actually know the instrument. He's waiting for us to get our heads out of our asses and realize that He is more than the sum of all of our stupid formulas about how we should relate to Him and how he should relate to us.

With that in mind, maybe we all should do some re-evaluating of how we see God, how we relate to Him, how we think He should relate to us... and most of all, actually get to know Him, and forget all the formulas we've made up to try and make Him fit inside the tiny box that we can comprehend rationally. I don't know about you, but I would rather serve a God who is more than I can imagine, than a God who I can completely understand through and through. And I would rather have a relationship with a living, real person than with a set of static, impersonal rules and regulations designed to make me comfortable. No thanks.

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