paint - part II

I am tired
my back sore
The weight of my embellishment

All I wanted
was more color
Instead I feel, oozing
from my pores, grey

And so my facade, tired
begins to flake, crack
I want to help it, to pull
but I've forgotten, am I beautiful?

However, this facade
this embellishment
Will Not Do!
so I start to peel

As the first shard falls away
I notice
A vibrant blue
my breath catches in my throat

Was that what I looked like?
what was I thinking?
The next day I meet a friend
she says the blue is too bright

I consider painting it again
as I have all these years
But each time I look
my heart skips a beat

So instead, I find another
crack, and start peeling
slowly, to reveal
red, real RED - a tear forms

And slides down my cheek
washing away the pale white
I had painted
revealing flesh and soul

I happen to glance up
to see my reflection
A mottled, cracked painting
with a tear-track of flesh

A small, bright piece
of Blue
And a heart of deep RED
starting to beat again

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