weezer bunnies...

so today we were leaving to go to the store and I wanted to listen to Weezer on the way, so I went to grab their blue album, and discovered that the CD wasn't in the case, so I looked in the green album and there it was. So I told Trina, the blue album had been fraternizing with the green album, and she said "oh no, we're going to end up with turquoise", and I said, "or maybe they're like bunnies and we'll end up with like 500 Weezer albums", and she said "Weezer bunnies propogating in our CD cabinets!", and we both thought it was incredibly funny and laughed a lot :)

incidentally, I did a Google search on "Weezer bunnies" and didn't really come up with anything interesting, unfortunately.

however, Trina found this:

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