the meanings of things...

the sound of silence
pounds in my mind
like the ebb and flow
of my warm, sticky life-tide...

the beauty of the stars
is that somewhere therein
God is

whether each one finds
or finds only the glimmer
the stars bear the weight
of glory, beauty, life

my thoughts are bound only
by the mass of my flesh
it is difficult to travel
with such a hindrance...

nothing is what it seems
because what we see,
touch with our timid fingers
nourishes only our bones

and leaves our hearts
dry, thirsty, scraping
for the meanings of things
the reality

to become
more real than our shadows
we must barter ourselves
piece by piece

else we die
smothered in our worthless love
which is nothing
without an object

please look at me
with your heart
and not your eyes
only the heart sees truly

if you barter yourself
with me
and I with you
we will find

we become...

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  1. nice.. a LITTLE romantic. but nice..
    thanks for sharing