add to the beauty

when we saw sara groves recently, she talked about a guy during the bosnia/serbia war who, in the middle of the city, sat down with his cello and started playing. now, besides the fact that I play cello... my heart desires so much to be that person... who, when everything is just messy and painful and ugly around, radiates beauty nonetheless. because beauty points to God. and I want nothing more than for people to know God. to fall in love with God. to be changed by God. to be healed by God. because I know from experience that all of that is possible and that it both fulfills us and brings God glory. a quote from a sara groves song that is actually a quote from john eldridge - "the glory of God is man fully alive". Not that the entire glory of God is based on man being alive, but that man being fully alive displays the glory of God. mmmm... yes please!

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