I wish more Christians understood that in order to have real community and real family it is necessary to lay out all your junk on the table in front of each other (not in front of everyone, but in front of some), and to realize that even though you carry so much baggage and hurt, that even with all that, God still loves us, and we still can love each other... it is a tremendously healing and bonding experience to love another person though all their crap, and to be loved through all of yours. It makes my heart so much lighter knowing that some people understand this idea. I hope that it spreads like nothing else. And not just the idea, but that people would start experiencing it and experiencing community and family in a way they never imagined. I pray that in even just a couple years' time that "the church", meaning the group of Christians that exists, would be a picture of reality and honesty and care and healing and LIFE!!!! instead of the picture of condemnation and exclusiveness and coldness and inauthenticity it so often is now. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER - GOD WILL USE YOU IN SPITE OF, AND MAYBE EVEN BECAUSE YOU ARE WEAK. PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU. GOD ALWAYS HAS AND NEVER WILL STOP LOVING YOU. I hope that these things start to grip peoples' hearts and that people really start understanding who God is (as much as we can), and who we are in relation to Him... so much could change....

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