the wisdom of the sands - antoine de saint-exupéry

I pity you in your disputes and reconciliations, for they take place on a plane other than that of love. For love is, above all, a communion in silence, and to love is to contemplate. There comes an hour when my sentry weds the city. And comes an hour when you meet your beloved - and its import lies not in one gesture or another, in one expression or another of her face, in one word or another that she utters, but in her.

There comes an hour when her name alone suffices as a prayer; no further words are needed. And comes an hour when you ask for nothing, neither her lips nor her smile, neither her gentle arms' embrace nor the fragrance of her presence. it suffices that she is.

But women there are who bid you justify yourself and who sit in judgment on your acts. They confuse love with possession. What good were it to answer? What joy will you have in meeting such an one? Your desire was to be received in silence; not for the merit of this gesture or another, this quality or another, this word or another - but because, with all your unworthiness, you are what you are.

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