I just wanted to say that I wanted to post that Derek Webb song on our church forum, but decided not to because it would only cause arguments and dissention. Which makes me really frustrated and really sad. And it makes me wonder where our hearts are as Christians... seriously. Would you rather exact punishment from someone than give grace? Not saying that consequences for actions are a bad thing, but you have to think about your heart - are you willing to look a man in the eyes and condemn him to death? When I look a person in the eyes, I see familiarity, I see the beauty of my creator and I see a soul. And that evokes my love, not my hate. And I CANNOT be apathetic about it. When I look a person in the eyes, I could NEVER just say "oh well, let him die". It would be a struggle. Even if he deserved it, it would be a struggle. I truly believe that the only way our fucked up hearts heal in life is to be shown grace, and I have received more than my share... I really understand and have seen in my life and in other lives what grace can do to heal... and what withholding of grace can do to harden. I would much rather heal.

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