I now know firsthand the awkwardness of being evangelized - there is a woman who has been casing my bus stop in the mornings who is a Jehova's Witness, and she's a nice lady, we've talked a little bit, but it is really awkward, because I know the end goal of conversation for her is to plug the religion and try to get me to convert. I get the same kind of feeling as I do when I walk into, say, a retail store, and the salespeople try to kind of casually talk to you, but really the end goal is to get you to buy something if possible. Only I didn't walk into the store.

Anyway, all of this just reinforces my feeling that evangelizing complete strangers is such a limited tool - unless the person is just in the right spot where they are ready to hear everything you have to say, nothing will get through and it will just be awkward and probably deepen their belief that religious people are just out to sell their morality.

I don't know, maybe there's some place for standing at a bus stop and talking to people. I would rather share life with the people who are in my life and just be me, all of me, and let that be an example of who God is.

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