love - part II

Another way I think we misunderstand loving people as Christians is that we seem to think loving people is something we do instead of other things or that if we "love people" it is mutually exclusive from things like sharing the gospel, etc. What we miss is that loving people and loving God are more like the main headings under which all other action should be subheadings. Because love doesn't require some specific set of actions - just about any act can be done with love, or without. And we have to think carefully in each situation - how do I really approach this situation lovingly - and be really honest about it, because sometimes the best way to love someone is not the first thing to mind, or the easiest option, sometimes it takes a lot from us, sometimes it hurts and it makes us vulnerable and we have to go out on a ledge, not entirely sure that we won't fall off. Anyway - don't think of "loving people" as some predefined set of actions, but rather a heading under which all other action can fall.

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