money as an end...

I was just thinking about Starbucks and how they seem to be in the coffee business strictly to make money, because they make a lot of obvious decisions that reduce the quality of their product. It got me thinking in general about money as an end. I believe that if we do anything with the goal of simply making money, we immediately devalue whatever we are doing, and it begins to show in what we do. If we want to be in the coffee business simply to make money, we make decisions that lower the quality of our coffee. If we want to be a photographer just to make money, we stop taking the photos that move our souls, and start taking the pictures we hope will move everyone else's. If we want to be a musician just to make money, we don't sing the things that make us cry with sorrow or joy, we sing what others have written after doing research on what sells the most records right now. If we want to be involved in religion just to make money, we trade the value of human life for the number of people who vocalize agreement with our point of view.

Now obviously there are cases sometimes when you just have to do something in order to get money, if you have no other option, whatever.

The bigger question is... would it be possible to have a functioning society where everyone, or at least the majority, could do what really excited them and fulfilled who they were? Or maybe even - is it possible in this current American society to do what really excites you and fulfills who you are and still function within the society - if what excites you and fulfills who you are is not very capitalistic? another question - isn't it worth trying? to be able to REALLY live as opposed to just existing because it's easy to go along with the flow of society?

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