just because a rule is written down does not mean it is right or good or just.

nor do I think it's a great idea to blindly follow authority just because it is set up as authority by society.


  1. The Grace-Seeker11/24/2006 3:46 PM

    melancholic optimist,
    How do then determine which rules to follow? Which are right and which are wrong?

    And when should we reject and not follow those in authority over us?

    BTW, I agree with you but wonder what is your criteria for deciding?

  2. well, this is a really complicated question and I think depends a lot on the context, the situation in which you are asking "what do I do here?" because in one situation I might say "follow this rule", and in another I might say "this other is more important". i think it's a matter of taking the situation, taking your knowledge of the principles of scripture, taking your guiding from the holy spirit (who you actually have to be quiet and listen to), and making the best decision you can based on all those things. I don't think there's really a simple answer as to which rules and which authority we should follow that I can just plop down and say it applies to all situations.

  3. I believe that if someone does not examine their heart, the bible, get input from others, and MOST importantly time spent in listening to the holy spirit in quiet contemplation (as that will give you wisdom to hear and know what God is asking of you in said situation) it is irresponsible to follow a rule with out question or feel guilty for questioning it. And I believe that is doubly true in regards to christianity and churches. If we are to be followers of Christ, then we follow Christ, NOT man. Even the person in your life or mind you believe is the most Godly and wise is not a replacement for the above steps. No is it ok for anyone to reprimand someone for asking questions and examining things. Better to examine and question and stumble along the way then to always follow and never be brave enough to ask and never experience the depth of God and truth.