unsure, but sure

I find more and more as life goes on, that I don't understand why things happen at the time they happen. I believe firmly that there is a reason for everything that happens, but I very seldom am let in on that at the time, only realizing what the reason was way down the road, if ever. Our perspectives are so small... so limited... we know so little of what is actually going on around us... this is one of those weeks where just about nothing makes sense and I'm feeling that very strongly, and I long for a day when I won't have to believe contrary to what I see around me, but will be affirmed in my belief.

Thank you God for those few people and moments that make life seem not quite so absurd.


  1. I am glad your faith is not in your faith, or in what you see, but in Someone far greater than all of this mess in which we live. I hope that I can be for you, as you are for me, one of those people who helps life seem a little less absurd.

    I love you, friend,

  2. thank you for making things look less absurd to me...as much as my human heart is able to have love in it..that much I love you, my dear friend!