"big" american christianity

I think one of the main things that bothers me about sort of "big" American Christianity (meaning many of those large established organizations/churches run by people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson), is that they seem ready to fight anyone for anything - politically, socially, physically - and that is so un-Christlike. Their way of handling confrontation and difficulty is by trying to bludgeon the other side of the argument away until they stop arguing. They start arguments with people who weren't out to argue, push tremendous political pressure on politicians and voters, label and defame certain groups of people, surround themselves with people just like themselves and sit in their bunker making war with everyone else.

Turn the other cheek? Fat chance, I want your cheek bared for slapping before you even hit me!

The fact that they often seem to see themselves as people with intimate knowledge of the will of God doesn't help things either.

It seems clear to me there are a lot of people running around who don't know the Christ they say they follow very well.

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  1. Well, at least the world is rid of Jerry, and he can now answer for his behavior to God Almighty for himself. I'm sure he may have done some good, but it is hard to see through all the hatred that he exuded in the name of Christ.