Daiso and other adventures...

SOOOOO.... yesterday we decided to take our new little Sofie

on her first big trip up to Federal Way, Washington to go to the store Daiso, which is a Japanese import store where almost everything in the store is $1.50, unless otherwise marked.

Sofie did a lovely job of getting us there and back and we got a number of lovely things for ourselves, as well as some goodies to go around to a few other people as well :) Here are some of the things we got for us:

This is a little bag for keeping plastic bags in, and you can just pull them out the bottom.

A noodle spoon and grapefruit spoons :)

This is just a terra cotta pot, but we thought it was really funny. We might keep garlic or something in it.

Rice bowls!

Creme brulee dishes in lovely colors!

Fishy chopsticks and chopstick holder :)

A sake flask and cups.

And in other news, this was going to be Trina's birthday present. It's a beautiful 1950's sunbeam mixer that has been at our favorite vintage shop for months now and we always drool over it whenever we go in there. So the other day I bought it when Trina wasn't looking, however she discovered that I bought it, and so now it's beautifully decorating our kitchen counter a month early :)

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