kitty peeing problems

Our recently pictured cat, Piccoli, has seemed to develop some peeing problems since we've gotten this new litter box... it is kind of triangle-shaped, so it fits in corners, however, I don't know if it's too small for her, or if she just doesn't like getting in it or what, but lately she's been peeing with her butt sticking partway out the door, and it goes all over the floor. This makes scooping the litter box easier, however cleaning it up off the floor every couple days is a real pain. Not really sure exactly what to do about that, except maybe get a slightly larger litter box again...

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  1. problem solved. big ol' ugly litter box is again gracing our bathroom. the upside is that i'm going to build a cabinet to hide it's ugliness all up and then there will be room for a pretty plant on top. :)