I've been thinking lately, I wonder if the idea of linear time is kind of a side effect of our broken-ness. Here's the thought - prior to sin in the world, we were not temporal creatures - at that point as far as we know nothing was. So, why would there be a sense of linear time? But now that we have become temporal - we can determine a beginning and an end to periods of time and thus we see things very linearly. Just a thought.


  1. Purely for the sake of conversation, what do you think is the significance of there being Day and Night during the creation of the world, and God resting on the seventh day? Does the mention of Day and Night prior to the fall of man support the idea that there was linear time before sin entered the world? (I do recognize that, depending on your point of view, day and night does not necessarily mean 24-hour periods of time, but linear-time, nonetheless?).

  2. hm, that's true... yeah, it certainly does suggest that there was linear time before the fall of man. maybe it's the existence of created beings that warranted it, I don't know. Because it doesn't seem like there was prior to creation. Of course this is all complete speculation with no real basis at all. I'm curious about what causes us to be within time, even though we were not temporal creatures originally.

    just random thoughts one has... :)