what I'm grateful for...

  • a beautiful wife who is one of the kindest and most overwhelmingly beautiful things on this earth
  • two blissful kitties named Teagan and Piccoli, who love my wife and I and our roommate and show us in lots of wonderful ways.
  • friends who believe that I am worth loving, not just because I do stuff for them, but because they feel that the person I am is beautiful. Notable mentions: our beautiful dear friend Alina, who inspires us and makes us dream lovely dreams and who will one day be our partner in owning a coffee shop, right after she gets her ass back from Nihon, where she is currently living and with whom we have a weekly phone date on skype and with whom we get into the most interesting discussions >:). Sisters Deimantė and Jolanta, who live far away in Lithuania and who introduced us to The Little Prince. Niki, who is a fellow coffee and food lover who we used to cook with every week until she moved to Denver to learn how to save the world. Erika, who also lives far away in Lithuania and who writes beautiful poetry and takes lovely photographs. Brendan, who let us knock walls down in his mental institution apartment and who builds amazing things in the basement :) Drew and Suzanne who drink with us and listen to us rant about all kinds of things and are wonderful amazing people. Chuck and Catherine who are wonderful and amazing people who amaze me with all they go through in life and still manage to have so much to give to people like us.
  • a great roommate named Cheryl, who is very different from us, and yet challenges us and helps us sometimes see ourselves and the world from a different perspective.
  • a beautiful little car named Sofie that gets us all over town faithfully, and looks mighty cute doing it.
  • a job which gives us money for food and fun things sometimes and benefits and has a really really loud air conditioner for hot days.
  • a desire and willingness to discover more and more of who I am and who I was made to be and to live that out in real life with people who are around me.
  • a desire and willingness to be open to who other people are and who they were made to be and to walk beside them in their journey of discovery.
  • a desire and willingness to live life passionately, even if that means a lot of funny looks and more than a few run-ins with people whose heads eat their hearts.
  • beauty! there are so many beautiful things in the world, from nature to things people have created to people themselves and their actions (though there are so many ugly actions in the world, I believe that the simplest act of beauty can wash it all away - if you have ever seen the look in someone's eyes who has been hurt all their life and for a moment finds love from another person, you will know what I mean)
  • a beautiful family that pushes and challenges me and above all loves me.
  • air conditioners, because I was meant to live in a country like Iceland where it never gets above 75 F (24 C).
  • water, because I'm mostly made of it, and it tastes SOOOO good on those days when it gets above 75 F (24 C).
  • beer - do I really need to say more?
  • oregon, for having world-wide award winning beers and incredibly beautiful nature
  • swimming at the coast in oregon where the water is always about 45 F (7 C)
  • the salty smell of the ocean air
  • the ability to create beautiful things - one of the most important gifts humans have
  • grey, cloudy days with tea or coffee and the Sigur Rós album () to listen to.
  • MUSIC! how could I forget music... it's one of the biggest catalysts in my life
  • poetry... using language in creative and beautiful ways and seeing how others have done the same.
  • the fact that the world is just brimming with life all around, even the stars and clouds and rocks and air just emanate this sense of life and presence and mystery.
  • the ability to feel both good and bad and to express a full range of emotions in pretty healthy ways
  • taming. if you've read The Little Prince, you know what I mean. Otherwise, you had better read it right now. I mean it. Seriously. Your life might never be the same. I have tamed and been tamed by a number of people, several trees, a car, at least 4 or 5 cats, a dog or two...
  • the opportunity to experience life - it is quite a ride, but it is such a blessing.


  1. i absolutely love your list! you reminded me of so many other things to be grateful for too! even the hissing of the pavement as the cars drive by on wet pavement at this very moment; thanks for enjoying my little recipe hehe

  2. Yeah, you reminded me of some too :) One of the good reasons for sharing these kinds of things... whee!

  3. oh wonderful list. now i have to do one too!

  4. happy.... truly. :) and no, not because you wrote about me! haha.