birthday bash goodness

So, Saturday was my Patrina's birthday. We started the day with toast and egg (the kind where you cut a hole in the toast and crack an egg into the hole and then fry it), bacon and regular toast, with orange juice, served in bed by me on our new little glass plates and with our new little glasses.

We had a fairly leisurely day around the house getting ready and putting together all the things for the dinner party we were having that evening at my parents' house. Finally we had all our stuff ready to go in the car, along with our friend Theresa, around 2pm, and we headed out. We got to my parents' house, and we first started baking the cake and cupcakes we would have for dessert. Theresa took the cake and my sister Amy took the cupcakes.

Trina worked on making the cooked sauces for the pastas and the polenta.

and I worked on the uncooked sauce for one of the pastas.

as well as the salad, and washing dishes for people as they were using them :)

the cake came out of the oven, and we put the cupcakes in, then when they were done, we started the icings and the final bits of food prep.

our friends Tori and Steve and Darla showed up and helped out with some of the last food prep, laying out the antipasti, cooking the pasta itself, putting things in serving bowls, setting out drinks, etc, as well as some decoration.

finally everyone had shown up and we finished the food prep and set it all out on the table. trina explained all the dishes as well as the antipasti, and everyone dished up.

we had the dining room set up with some extra tables, nice vintage linens Theresa's parents had been kind enough to loan us for the occasion, as well as lots and lots of candles.

the food all turned out really well, and the top hits seemed to be the chicken with a sherry cream sauce over polenta and the garlic cheese bread, but the gnocci and fresh sauce capellini were both lovely as well.

then for dessert, we had the devil's food cake with chocolate fudge frosting, which Trina managed to blow all the candles out on

and the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

we also had lemon sherbet with raspberry or strawberry sauces that could be drizzled over it. (this was also really good on the chocolate cake)

after dinner and dessert, we all sat around and played Apples to Apples, which is a super fun game that I won't go into a lot of detail explaining here

all in all it was a lovely evening to celebrate an exceptionally beautiful person.

there are more pictures of the day. if you'd like to see the whole album, go to http://picasaweb.google.com/poetas/TrinaBirthday2007/

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  1. Tell Trina I love her hair blonde! :)
    Happy Birthday Trina!