Mt. Tabor Park

This evening after dinner, we drove over to Mt. Tabor Park. We had never been there before, even though the entrance is only like a 10 minute drive from our place... and we were really glad we went. It was really beautiful. Mt. Tabor is an extinct volcano, and apparently Portland is one of only two cities in Oregon with a volcano within city limits, the other being Bend. We walked around a little, and then drove through the rest of the park and back home. The park is kind of situated in tiers going up the hill, with a little section to park and walk around, then road up to the next tier with basketball courts and a little amphitheater, then up to a picnic area and really cool playground area, then over the peak of the mountain and back down the other side. The weather was perfect, as it was mostly clear out, but with some beautiful clouds, and it was warm, but not hot, so it felt so nice to be outside and to walk and drive around. Here are some pictures :)

This is a wide view of SE Portland and downtown from the park.

A little bit closer view of the main part of downtown, with what is probably Hawthorne in the middle there.

The lower reservoir with a little fountainy thingy in the middle.

That's Franklin High School in the distance over on Division.

The new buildings on the waterfront, with the Veterans Hospital up on the hill behind. You can just see the tram lines off to the right going up the hill.

A pulled back shot of pill hill.

The water flowing into the reservoir.

This is the fence that goes all around the reservoir.

These were just hanging out by the side of the path that goes around the reservoir. They are quite happy.

Thistles are kind of cool looking - kind of the sea urchin of the flower world. The color is really cool too.

Looking across the reservoir with the sun shining through the clouds.

Another one...

There were these cute, tiny little birds playing beside the path.

They put on a play for us

Sweet peas!

Me and Sofie :)

This sign was in somebody's front yard near the park, and it reads "Don't Let Your Dog Poop Here Again"

Here's a little video of the cute birdies :)


  1. i love the pictures dave. these are great to show people who have never been here to portland!

  2. One time when we were having a big summer thunder and lightening storm I went up to Mt. Tabor and stood in the rain and watched and listened during the storm. It was sooooo wonderful.

  3. mmmm, sounds wonderful! I love thunderstorms.

  4. wow...Mt.Tabor park is so amazing...I spent quite a bit of my time there while being in pdx...that place brings back lots of good memories...and sad ones too...thanks for sharing the pictures, dave!

  5. Love your pictures Dave! Parks are wonderful and memories with pictures top it off! We have lots of memories of Mt. Tabor park over the years...actually we took you there when you were a little kid : )