sadness but happiness...

our roommate Cheryl is moving out in a couple weeks, and our neighbors Jeremy and Tiffany who we love are moving in August... they are both moving on to good things. Cheryl to some roomies to whom she might relate better (as they are single girls), and it's just something she feels she needs at this point in life, and that's good. Jeremy and Tiffany are going to Idaho so Jeremy can study Architecture there and become the next Frank Gehry. We will miss them. They've been good parts of our lives.

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  1. oh davidas...i'm going to miss the pats on the head and random hand shakes! :) hmm, i just realized that i guess i won't miss the random words that you proclaim now and then since i don't even notice you saying them anymore....i guess it's become so normal. :) well, you SHOULD at least email me or call me now and then just to say "fish sticks" or something. that would make me very happy! :)