this evening...

we made yummy boneless pork ribs (asian style, not american), and a yummy salad, and 6 cupcakes from leftover birthday cake batter.

we watched friends and the simpsons while we ate, watered the veggie garden, the flower garden, did some laundry, I actually did some work on my poetry book (which is mostly in the design phase at this point), trina worked on a stuffed animal she's making, scaling the pattern.

when I was going to bring the sprinkler back from the veggie garden, the sky was almost completely dark, and the clouds had this weird, glowing quality to them, much like a Maxfield Parrish painting (if you've seen them).

Sort of like in this painting, how everything just has this glowing quality to it...

And now I'm going to have a glass of port to end the night. Sweet dreams to all.

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