a few new additions to our growing collection of great thrift/vintage store finds.... sorry, the pictures are a little dark as we're approaching the gloaming here in Portland right at the moment.

We found this lovely little cabinet at Goodwill. It was painted some kind of dark black or blue and red in weird swirly strokes, and so we sanded it and painted it this lovely light blue. The suitcases were in our room, and we moved them downstairs temporarily to serve as a place to put the stereo until we can get a shelf to go there. And hopefully that wall behind will be a bright red before long.

we got four of these little glass plates and four of the glasses at Goodwill as well, and they don't match really, but they make quite a nice breakfast in bed or small dinner combination with a glass of juice or something. And the circle pattern of the plates is wonderful and amazing.

I guess the last item is from Goodwill too, it's a lovely little red teapot, made in Poland and looks beautiful sitting on our stove.

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  1. i especially enjoy looking at the teapot! it's pretty cool