tonight in Portland we had thunder and lightning! i had just gone to water the veggie garden, and Jeremy and Tiffany were already out there watering, and as we were standing there talking, we started to see some lightning flashes and heard thunder...

I was going to bring the hose back and water our flower garden, so the three of us walked back towards our section of the apartments, and it started to rain just a tiny bit... I ran inside to get Trina and Jeremy and Tiffany went over and sat on their porch.

I found Trina (who was in the basement doing laundry), and we went out over to Jeremy and Tiffany's porch, and a bunch of other neighbors came out, including Theresa (Trina's partner in crafty crime) and then Trina's sister came out because she heard the thunder.

After a little bit it started pouring down rain, and they were huge drops of rain, big fat ones, and we were all standing in the rain, and it felt SOOOOO good after the last few days being in the high 90's and even breaking 100.

Then we all just sat on the porch and watched the rain and the lightning, and we clapped as huge bursts of lightning lit up the sky and each others' faces, to be followed by the sharp crashes and deep rumblings. We all exclaimed how much better this was than fireworks. It was so wonderful, and felt so good... it was a perfect unexpected evening.

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  1. that is exactly how my evening went too! i was with friends on a walk and noticed the lightening and decided to sit on their porch and watch the lightening dance in the sky while the rain fell fast to enjoy this feast as well! simply wonderful! i miss you friend