independence day...

In thinking about independence day coming up, I'm finding myself a bit hesitant to celebrate America's freedom, when it has been used so poorly. I know I'm probably overly idealistic, and I know that other countries have their problems too, but the U.S. has such a huge role, influence and responsibility internationally that it has seemed to either ignore historically (and currently), or else has viewed its role as the dad who needs to show the rest of the world the right way to do everything. We have rarely been there to help when it was actually needed (and in the ways that would have actually been helpful), we are largely not willing to give our resources to those who actually need them because they struggle just to get basic necessities for life, while we drive around hummers and consume like nothing will ever run out. We have used our freedom to cage the rest of the world by pushing the lines of human rights and dignity and we believe that our freedom over-rides the freedom of anyone who might impinge on it. We grasp at our own freedom as if it was the very thing that gave us life. I know this is a very human thing, and it's not only America where it happens, but we have so many resources and such influence to back up our freedom, that we find it easy to bludgeon anyone or anything for the sake of preserving it.

And so, I feel a little hesitant to celebrate that.

What I guess I can celebrate, is that at least for now, I can still write that on my blog without fearing for my safety.

I would rather just celebrate life.

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  1. Hey Dave: Amen to that one! :) I've been a little mad at America lately...

    That link to the opening musician for Imogen was rather entertaining. Thanks for that :) If any interesting concerts are happening this summer near us, I need to know :) I hardly ever go to concerts because I don't have any friends that share the same music interests. :