little bit of loveliness...

so, I got an early birthday present this year, and here it is :)

Yes, I know, it's pretty much the most beautiful thing ever. It's a maybe 1930's or 1940's record player and radio cabinet. We also got a large stack of records with it, including Johnny Cash: Walk the Line. I'm so happy! Here's me enjoying it :)


  1. I got here through compulsive clicking. Boy, you gotta love compulsive clicking.

    All I wanted to say was that your birthday gift is GORGEOUS, and I am utterly jealous.

  2. SO cool! lucky duck, you...

  3. I am also a compulsive clicker. And I also am extremely jealous of your birthday gift. Such sumptuous wood! And it's charming, the way half opens in front, and half on top. But you know all this, you lucky man!