Recipe: Surviving the Sunny/Hot/Humid Day Blues

So, prompted by both the heat and humidity in Portland lately and the forecasted raising temperatures in the near future, my own aversion to such weather, as well as this - I've created a recipe for those of us who would prefer cloudy grey and rain to beating sun any day. Enjoy :)

click image for larger view


  1. I love your writing! Your thoughts are wonderfully expressed on paper, or blogs, or wherever you express them!

    Love, Maj

  2. Way better than any recipe I've seen offered up on the Food Network lately!

    Great writing and fabulous idea -- sounds like a beautiful way to spend a hot/humid/yucky day & make it enjoyable. I'm in SC so I imagine that my hot/humid/yucky summer weather is a different experience than yours -- BUT still, I've seriously bookmarked your recipe in my favorites folder labelled "To Do".

    I've JUST got to figure out how the big 130-140 pound black lab who likes to get right up in your face and lick you silly (whether or not you particularly care to have your face licked silly) fits into the mix. I imagine it'd be a bit hard to concentrate on drinking in the experience and the surroundings with THAT kind of affection being dispensed!

    Thanks for sharing!