daily discovery: 08/07/2007

I took the long way to work today... and while I again didn't have a camera with me, here are some of the things I discovered:

  • a light, refreshing mist hovering over the city that felt so good as I walked along... almost like a divine caress...

  • a squirrel running along the power lines above the street

  • a crow cautiously crossing the street

  • a lady walking her dog

  • a beautiful, somewhat wild looking garden

  • 3 police cars, the occupants of which were all in the coffee shop I went to

  • lovely Stumptown coffee from Haven, and a blackberry muffin.

  • an older guy kissing an older lady goodbye as she got on the bus

  • a girl reading the 7th Harry Potter book on the bus

Well, there you have it... Happy Tuesday everyone!

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