Daily Discovery

Today I decided to take a bit different route to work... so I took the 10 minute walk over to Division ST from our apartment, and on the way I saw two puppies frolicking together and some sweet yellow wildflowers (I wish I had pictures, but I didn't have a camera with me). I stopped at Haven and got an 8oz mocha (yum! happy for well-brewed Stumptown coffee) and then caught the number 4 bus to downtown Portland. I got off at 4th and Taylor and then walked up to Broadway, saw a whole bunch of construction and the new MAX tracks going in, as well as the funny guy in front of the Heathman Hotel, then walked down Broadway to Lincoln Hall at Portland State University, and caught the number 8 bus up to work at OHSU.

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  1. I want to live in Portland now. :( :( ...