laptop woes...

So, I sent my Aluminum PowerBook G4 in to Apple to have the main logic board replaced, as well as the optical drive (they have a flat rate $310 repair fee where they will repair anything that's wrong with it that isn't incidental or directly caused by misuse or that kind of thing), and it came back the first time after 3 days, and the optical drive was replaced, but the main logic board was still having problems. So, they sent it back again, and this time the repairs took longer, and then I just found out today (the day it should have arrived in Portland), DHL shipped it to their warehouse in Longview, WA instead of to the Apple Store in Portland. They have now forwarded it to Portland. If it comes back this time and it still doesn't work, I'm going to request a pretty hefty discount on the repairs. Bluh.

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