do you ever feel
as in the middle
of a cosmic game
of tug of war?

i do

on the one hand
there are the
sort of eternal

anything phrased
as "why...?"

"...am I here?"
"...is anyone here?"
"...is the world this way?"
"...do we hate so much?"

feels cavernous and menacing
enigmatic at best

there is mystery, yes
but not the bright, shining
mystery of
a fairy tale, fantasy

on the other hand
is our experience
the details
our senses

the smell of lavender
the feeling of skin
gazing up at mountains
or down into a person's soul

this is where the brightness
explodes from everywhere
and somehow...

the eyes of a friend
the caress of my wife
the splendor of mountains
the scent of a single flower...

truth comes not as an answer to a question
but as an annulment of the question

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