last Friday night...

we had a little bit of an impromptu date night and went for Japanese food at Kappaya on Division St. Trina had a tempura donburi and I had beef sukiyaki donburi, and we got some albacore and ahi tuna nigiri, as well as octopus.

then we went to the Laurelhurst Theatre, which is a 1920's art-deco style theater which went out of business in the 80's, but was re-purchased and re-opened and now shows films again. Also worth mentioning, they show films for $3, and they serve pizza and beer, which you can eat/drink in the theatre. And believe me, Oregon beers are GOOD. We saw the film "Paris, Je t'aime," which was really really good (even better than Oregon beers), and we hope to purchase it someday. It's a collections of short films by different directors that all center around some kind of a romance and are all set in Paris. Some of them are really quirky and odd, and some are very touching. They range in length from about 5-7 minutes to more like 15-20 minutes for some of them. Anyway, it was a wonderful evening... just what we needed after a long week.

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