new song...

I've got at least the basics of a new song finished... but I haven't found a name yet. Since I know a lot of you are creative, artsy types, I thought I'd post the song and have you all listen to it, and then leave comments giving an impression it left you with, or imagery it brought to mind or whatever, and maybe something in there will suggest the perfect name for it :) Ok, here it is:

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  1. Labas Dave,
    That is amazingly beautiful. It made me think of not a moment before sunrise and the fan fair of the sky as it bursts before the sun pops over the soft, quiet circum-scape (a cross between circumference and landscape). I love it! Keep writing and playing songs. Urgh. my English is horrible I had to look up the big c word! :) Hopefully, that means my Lithuanian is getting better!
    How are you and Trina doing? I hope well. Thanks for your pictures of portland they remind me of a place I once was so familiar with and yet feels incredibly far away.
    I miss you guys!