this weekend...

I'm a day late writing this one, but here we go anyway :)

This weekend, we did lots of fun and interesting things! :)

Saturday we woke up really early to a beautiful, cold, foggy morning, and we went with our friend Theresa to the Oregon City School District sale:

We got a ton of stuff for really cheap. For details, see here.

After the sale, Trina and I went to the Original Hotcake And Steak House for breakfast and had yummy food and very mediocre coffee:

Then, Saturday evening, we went to dinner with my parents to Ohana Hawaiian Cafe and then went and saw the film Once at the Roseway Theater in Portland, and independent theater built in the 1920's that is family owned. As much as I love supporting those theaters, and love going to them here in Portland, I have to say, I don't recommend this one. The tickets are $6.50 (as opposed to $3 at the Bagdad, Laurelhurst and Academy) and it was pretty dark, run down and smelled bad. But the film was REALLY good, I highly recommend seeing it.

Sunday, Trina and Theresa went out running some errands, and then we all went out for brunch to the Cup and Saucer Cafe:

After that, we went to Goodwill and got some other fun stuff, which was also mentioned in that link above.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, but it went WAY too fast.

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