ann coulter

Well, I have to say, I'd never had the "pleasure" of knowing much about Ann Coulter prior to today... I have to say, I'm not really excited to learn more after reading the article on the front of her website (as of Nov 16, 2007). She basically just blasts anyone she doesn't agree with (including all Pakistanis and people with degrees from Harvard) as being terrorists, saying America is their enemy (particularly "liberals"), and slings all kinds of mud. Basically the entire article is just one big long mud-slinging. It doesn't even really address any issues, it basically just says "and they're stupid for this, and they're stupid for this other thing, etc."

From reading a couple of other things on her site, they are simply egocentric, arrogant and unthinking - for instance, in discussion about the war in Iraq, the argument is made that since we aren't really losing many more soldiers in the war in Iraq than we did in 1980 during peacetime, it therefore means that the war is a success and we should just keep on trucking! First of all, there's no mention of what the war is about or whether the motives for the war are valid, there's no mention of war-related deaths other than US Military (i.e. British, Polish, Lithuanian, etc troops, Iraqi civilians, civilians and political figures from other countries who get caught in the crossfire). Simply the fact that there aren't all that many US Military deaths means the war is justified and we should absolutely keep going, and anyone who would say otherwise (Democrats are specifically mentioned) is an enemy of America and an America-hater.

Ok, I should probably stop there. Sometimes I really hate politics in general, politics in America, and that's from both sides. I think both extremes (left and right) are equally ridiculous.

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