cooking fun :)

Tonight I was feeling like cooking again, so I looked up recipes, and the one that caught my attention was this recipe for Lemon and Olive Chicken from Martha Stewart. It turned out wonderfully, except the chicken was just slightly too dry, could have cooked for just a minute or two less and it would have been great. Here are some pictures:

The ingredients: some chopped onion, sliced lemons, sliced green olives, crushed garlic, olive oil, chicken broth, and of course, two chicken breasts.

Browning the chicken breasts in our new Le Creuset pot. The best pots ever, they cook so wonderfully.

After cooking, the broth with the olives and lemons and onions and the chicken on top.

Me with the finished product :)

The chicken and broth and veggies in the pot again.

The rice pilaf with the chickpeas cooking in our skillet.

The final product dished up and ready to serve. Yum!


  1. Looks yummy! I have found that every single chicken recipe I have ever made that had lemon in it was dry. Have you noticed the same? I'm a paranoid cook--always has to be up to temp, which often seems overcooked for chicken. But lemon seems to dry it out even faster. This looks good though! Martha Stewart is the best, huh? I think I'm her biggest fan. :)

  2. Yeah, there's a really fine line with chicken in terms of it getting too dry - you have to be really careful not to overcook it, or undercook it :) It helps when you're cooking it in a bunch of broth and water though :) I think it also helps if you are cooking something like this, to just brown the outside first, and then let the rest cook in the broth or whatever. I'm new in the adventure of cooking chicken with lemon, so I'll have to keep an eye on that and see how it turns out in the future :)

    Martha does have some good recipes, for sure :)

  3. Thanks for the hint, I have bought some fresh lemons, this is the recepie I was looking for! Thanks again.
    PS: In my blog i put soem recepies if you are visiting me I can translate the recepie in English.