a mime - hafiz

A mime stands upon a gallows
For a crime he did not do.
When given a last chance to speak,
He remains true to his art.

A crowd of hundreds has gathered
To see his last performance,
Knowing he will not talk.

The mime takes from the sky
The circles of bright spheres,
Lays them on a table,
Expressing deep love
For the companionship and guidance
They have given him for so many years.

He brings the seas before our eyes,
Somehow a golden fin appears, splashes.
Look, dear ones, there is turquoise rain.

He removes his heart from his body and seems to
Arouse all life on this splendid earth
With such a sacred tenderness,
There for an extraordinary moment
It looked like someone was giving birth
To the Christ again.

He mounts his soul upon the body of Freedom.
The great Breeze comes by.
The sun and moon join hands,
They bow so gracefully
That for a moment, for a moment
Everyone knows that God is real,

So the tongue fell out
Of the mouth of this world
For days.


  1. LOvely Dave! My mind was envisiong it all, and I just love mime's you know... AS sad as they might seem sometimes... ;)

  2. Yeah, I hope someday I might write poems as good as this. It's amazing just to see the beautiful things that come out of so many different cultures - this was written by a 14th Century Persian Sufi. I wonder if poets ever think that in 7 centuries their poems might be moving the hearts of people in countries that aren't even known at the time they were written.