web browsers are stupid

I just have to get it out, that in designing web pages, it gets really frustrating how every web browser renders things differently, sends different values when forms are posted, has a different implementation of javascript, uses different definitions for CSS attributes. Holy cow people at the world wide web consortium, make some standards that do us some good!


  1. Yeah - no fun at all. There's a nifty tool I found that really helps if you're using a Mac or simply don't like using Internet Explorer as your normal browser.


    It will request the page, display it in Internet Explorer and then send a snapshot of the image back so you can see how it renders.

    Thankfully Opera and the Mozilla code base often seem to be similar in rendering so that just leaves Internet Explorer (and of course Safari which has it's own problems). I don't worry about the small browsers like Konqueror -- too much time!!!

    Microsoft has never been good at standards but it seems like even the other web browser makers out there are absolutely terrible at working together.

  2. yeah, I usually forget about IE, because even on windows boxes I always use FireFox, so I'm usually just making sure everything works in Mozilla and Safari, then I remember that 80% of the world uses that other crappy browser :)

    yeah, none of the browsers are real great at following the standards, and the standards themselves are pretty loose and allow for a lot of interpretation.