a bit of an early Christmas...

We decided to do Christmas just for Trina and I last night, as the rest of our week is going to be busy finishing up stuff for other people and getting things sent out and wrapped and such. I guess there are two things still coming in the mail for me, but I know what one of them is, and the other is a smaller thing, so we decided to just go for it :) So, I went and got the last thing I needed to get for Trina, and then finished wrapping the few things I hadn't, and we put them under the tree :)

Unfortunately, I had a large box, and ran out of paper halfway through, and we didn't have any more paper to match, so I just draped a small piece that was left over the top so Trina couldn't tell what it was :) It was sad, because up until that point, I was actually doing a really good job wrapping it, I was sad :( (my wrapping skills are kind of hit and miss...)

Here are a few of the highlights of what we got! Sorry, the pictures are a bit dim, as it was dark-ish in the room... but you can get the idea :)

This is what was in the big box - it was a floor lamp from IKEA:

Trina got me this lovely original from Marjorie at Marmee Craft called Transfiguration. I sometimes feel like I'm sprouting wings, so I can relate.

I found this lovely turquoise Club brand dutch oven at a local vintage store, Lived in Lover.

I also found this lovely serving platter there - it has a similar pattern to one of the sets of dishes we have, and we have been wanting a serving platter for a while now, so we can use this one until we find the one for our set of dishes :)

Trina got me Son of Moustachio from Shawnimals! It's a moustache with a moustache! :)

She also got this cute little ninja-riding-a-moustache sticker :)

I got Trina this lovely bird pendant from Beth at Arete.

This little plant came from IKEA as well, and those egg cups sitting next to it are from Anthropologie.

I also got her these red cups and red and green goblets from Anthropologie, and the owl mug is from New Seasons Market, and there are the egg cups again.

Trina got me these three cards from Art and Ghosts. They aren't the greatest pictures of them, but you can see better pictures of them in her shop (follow the link above).

She also got me this print, which I forgot to take a picture of:


I also forgot to take pictures of two prints I got for Trina - one from Marjorie at Marmee Craft.


The other print was from Emily at The Black Apple - but it looks like she's removed everything from her shop until after Christmas, so I'll take a picture of it and post it later.

Also, because we got a bunch of money back in a kicker check from the Oregon government recently, and because we get a 40% discount at Sur la Table from Trina working there, we decided to take a dive and get these Shun knives as a bit of a Christmas gift for ourselves, which are quite spendy, but super wonderful. The larger is an 8" chef's knife, and the smaller is a utility knife. You wouldn't believe how much difference good knives and good cookware can make in your cooking. Whee!

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