friends who have gone...

I miss our little Substantial...


  1. oh i miss our little bubble guy too. Hi subby!

  2. Diane Feucht12/13/2007 6:15 AM

    What a substantial fish! :) Mighty nice! Is it a special type of goldfish? I don't think I've seen one like that before.

    I also miss my dead fish. It's name was Cow... but my sister got sick of taking care of him so we threw him into our pond in the backyard and we never saw him again. :(

    Maybe there will be a special pond in heaven for our "bubble guys". :)

  3. He was an Oranda goldfish:


    He was our first pet when we got back from Lithuania, and he was wonderful. He had the special ability to form a bubble of water around himself that was breathable, so oxygen could get in, and then float around the house and plague Teagan (we didn't have Piccoli yet when he was alive). I hope there's a bubble-guy pond in heaven, that would make me very happy :)