it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So, yesterday we went with my family and cut Christmas trees. We met over at my parents' house at 10am, and my sister Amy and her husband Josh and their little guy Blake came as well. Trina was looking pretty cute, as usual :)

My parents had gotten donuts from Krispy Kreme, and they made bacon and coffee, and so we all kind of munched on things and chatted for a while, and then we headed out to the tree farm to get the trees. When we got there, we all piled out of the cars and went and got a saw and a mat and headed off into the trees.

It was beautiful and sunny out, and the ground was actually not terribly muddy, which was a change from the last few years, trekking through feet of mud :)

We actually all found our trees really quickly, here is ours in its natural habitat :)

And here's Trina showing off the tree:

So, after we got the trees back to my parents' house, we unloaded them, Josh and Amy grabbed theirs and headed off to home, and then my parents brought ours out to our place, and we got it in the stand and in the corner where it's living.

My parents took off, and we started pulling out the decorations. I put the white lights on the tree while Trina was talking to her mom on the phone

And when I finished those up, we decided to go get some lunch and do a couple of shopping things.

We went to Powell's Home and Garden store on Hawthorne to get a bird feeder, because ours was getting moldy (it's wood) and it was making the birdseed bad. We got a lovely pottery birdfeeder, and hung it outside in front of our apartment. Then we went to Oasis Pizza on Hawthorne, and had a piece of pepperoni each, and Trina had a slice of feta, basil and sun-dried tomato, and I had garlic, red onion and artichoke hearts.

When we got back home, we started putting up colored icicle lights around our windows. We didn't get very far into that process before we figured out a couple of things... first of all, that the icicle lights weren't going to look good on the windows, and secondly, that we had meant to buy new lights for the tree, and use the white lights for the windows. So, we headed to Target to get the lights we had looked at.

While we're on the way to Target, here's a picture to entertain you, that probably won't mean much to anyone except our friend Cheryl :) Enjoy!

When we got back from Target, we had a little fun with Teagan and his little holiday outfit while I was putting the colored lights on the tree.

The lights took a little bit of fidgeting to get them all the way up the tree, and we had to fill them in with a string of white lights, but finally we got them!

Then we hung the little garland of silver balls:

By this time, we were feeling hungry again, so we ran across the street and picked up Chinese food - pepper salted fried tofu and orange chicken, and ran next door and bought Holiday Inn, and when we came back, we invited our friend Theresa over, who lives across the courtyard from us, and she came over with her dinner, and we watched Holiday Inn and continued decorating the tree.

This icon and cross are from Lithuania, and we have them up all year, but they kind of fit the Christmas theme, so we left them :) Hope it's not too blasphemous having Santa and Jesus next to each other.

The little santa bear and candles and Save Me, I'm Drowning! snowman snow globe.

Here it is, pretty much finished.

This angel and those gold pine cones also came from Lithuania.

I've had this chicken forever, and I love his legs.

Piccoli took a while to warm up to the tree, but finally she made her way over and sat underneath it for a while, after sniffing a number of the ornaments :)

We made that noel ornament as a family when I was little - it had the metal frame, and these little pellets of plastic or something that you put in it, and then baked it, and it came out like that :)

Another weird chicken :)

Long legged cow, and a pickle!

A little Santa matryoshka doll, and our Substantial ornament (we had a giant goldfish named Substantial, but he died) :(

We got this little dear deer from New Seasons for free, because her leg was broken. She's wonderfully sweet.

Last but not least, our little hedgehog.

By the time we were done, we were pretty exhausted and basically collapsed into bed. And now we're supposed to have snow flurries all day today. Whee! Too bad we have to work :( Oh well, have a splendid day, all.


  1. Diane Feucht12/09/2007 2:15 PM

    wow! That seemed like you both had a wonderful day! Trina is very cute - I love the videos you posted. :) I think you should do videos more often.

    Your tree looks absolutely wonderful! And I bet you knew this was coming... but I LOVE Your cow ornament! Cows = Love!

    By the way, do you know the tradition of the German Pickle ornament? It's technically not supposed to go on the tree until Christmas morning - the first person in the house who finds it on the tree gets a special present... but I guess it would be unfair to play that with just two people.

  2. Yay! It looks so pretty! I love Christmas!

  3. i don't know what is my favorite! the video of patrina which just CRACKS me up... or teagan in his little hat!!! i love them both! YAY for Christmas!

  4. What a wonderful post! Your tree is beautiful...the glow from all the colors of the lights is amazing! And the cat looks mighty festive as well...Oh...I love Holiday Inn, I have been wanting to watch it all season...I must carve out some time for that one!!

  5. :) :) :) HA!!! You made my night!!! i laughed out loud!!! i LOVE it...thank you.:)

  6. What a fun day!! The house is beautiful and all those familiar ornaments we have enjoyed throughout the years : ) I am so glad you are enjoying decorating for Christmas this year, it is fun isn't it? : )