la vie

last night we went to a wonderful little French crêperie/bistro called Chez Machin. We both had coffee, we shared a rock shrimp with bacon and brie appetizer, we both had french onion soup with big chunks of emmental swiss coated bread in it. I got the Boeuf Stroganoff crêpe and Trina had La Poulette. It was very, very good, and actually a lot of food, we both have about half of our crêpes left to have for lunch today :)

this morning our cats were being pesky and not letting us sleep, and our smaller cat, Piccoli, was climbing around on my little bed-table, so I picked her up, and she squirmed around and I dropped her on my face, and she gashed my chin, which of course started bleeding, and clinched the "I'm not going to sleep anymore."

Well, hope you all have a lovely Saturday :)

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